Saturday, March 4, 2017

Bathmate Hydro Pumps

The Phallosan Forte is definitely the most advanced extender on the market by using an innovative design that makes much more comfortable and easy to use versus its rigid frame competitors. As far as gaining length is concerned, it is the ideal choice. That being said, and even though it does improve all penile measurements, it simply wasn't designed to maximize penis girth and head size.

Much more effective at doing this is a Bathmate hydro pump. Its design is also intended for overall growth but with a definite emphasis on increasing girth and penis head size. It requires only 15 minute workout sessions which can be performed while you shower. The added benefit of using this type of hydropump is that results can be seen after the very first use.

After a workout users will experience a "pump" or a temporary enlargement that is similar as what you experience when you exercise with weights at the gym. The effect is temporary but, as with weight training, repeated and consistent use will eventually make these results permanent.

The Bathmate penis pumps come in a variety of models that go from the original no-frills type (Hercules and Goliath) to the mid-range but more advanced Hydromax models and ending with the top of the line Xtreme pumps which are similar to the regular Hydromax except for the fact that they come with a squeeze bulk to control internal pressure. These pumps come in different sizes to accommodate all users.

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